The recently founded social enterprise Positive Futures Homes has recently welcomed their new Registered Care Manager to the organisation, Julia Nelson. Julia will be responsible for the overall care and well-being of the residents whilst in the care of Positive Futures Homes, and brings with her a wealth of knowledge from working in other education and residential care settings for a number of years.

Julia joins the growing organisation from Warrington Borough Council where she managed an “outstanding” local authority children’s home. She is trained in systemic practice which emphasises children’s relationships as key to understanding their experiences, and has a degree in Psychology. This wealth of experience and knowledge will significantly enhance the unique offer of Positive Futures Homes, which, in addition to providing the best quality care will also provide a wealth of wrap-around social, emotional and physical well-being support services to the residents via their sister organisation, Positive Futures.

Talking of her appointment, Julia said;

“I passionately believe that all children have the right to a good, safe, stable, loving home regardless of who they are what they have done, or where they have come from. Children are placed in care through no fault of their own, they did not ask to be mistreated. They deserve to be safe and loved.

“It is my aim to ensure that each of our Positive Futures Homes offer the very best care and support for our residents, which not only allow them to grow and flourish as individuals, but also gives them all the same opportunities as other children their age after all, everyone deserves a chance.”

CEO of Positive Futures Homes and Positive Futures Clare Corran said;

“I am delighted to welcome Julia on board. Her wealth of knowledge and skills will prove invaluable to us and help to underpin our ambitiousClare Corran growth plans for Positive Futures Homes. But beyond this, she also encompasses our organisational values, something that was key to us when searching for our new Registered Care Manager.

“I have a clear vision for Progress Futures Homes, and that is to provide the highest quality home away from home, unparalleled support and friendly and experienced staff. ‘Okay’ is simply not good enough, we want Positive Futures Homes to offer the best standards of care, by recruiting the best staff and working with support agencies to offer our young people the best levels of emotional and social support. Key to this will be their access to Positive Futures which already supports thousands of young people in North Liverpool every year. Our residents will have access to Targeted Support Services to support them with the likes of confidence, neurodiversity, anxiety and depression, along with having access to our range of weekly sessions that will help them to develop new friendships, learn new skills and have access to exciting opportunities. Beyond that, we will also draw on our established partnerships with the likes of CAHMs and other youth organisations to access the support that our young people need.

Clare went on to say;

Positive Futures Homes“Regardless of background, ability, or circumstance, each and every young person should have the chance to build a brighter future for themselves with the help of those around them. We refuse to leave any young person behind, and Positive Futures Homes will be an additional vessel for facilitating great change in the lives of young people.”

The first Positive Futures Home is set to open in the coming months, and will have capacity for 3 young people. The youth organisation has deliberately kept the numbers low, to ensure the quality of support does not drop. Once this home is open and established, further locations will be secured across the city to support more young people.

To find out more about Positive Futures Homes, or to discuss the ways that you can support the Positive Futures Homes mission to give every young person a chance, visit their website,