CV and job support

When looking for a job or applying to college, getting your CV and cover letter spot on is a hard thing to do. Our team are on hand to offer you advice and guidance no matter what path you are thinking about taking.

We can help you from the very beginning of your search for your dream job or training course. From searching online, to attending open days our team are here to help. We can help you update your CV, complete your application forms and covering letter, and help you send it off by email. We don’t just aim to make your application stand out, but jump-out from the crowd. 

We all get nervous at interviews, so we can share our experiences with you to help you get interview ready. Even help you decide what to wear. Last year we provided 245 sessions offering just that help!

As well as helping to spruce up your CV or get you interview ready, we often have a selection of training opportunities to help you learn something new, meet new people and gain new skills. 

“It was really great getting to come along and listen to… business people. Some of their stories were really inspiring. I really enjoy working with Positive Futures as they’ve helped me loads to develop my confidence and try new things.” 

Can we help ? 

Our Building Futures programme is all about giving young people the opportunity to build a brighter future for themselves. Our team are here to help you get to where you want to be.

Follow us on social media or sign-up for our newsletter to be the first to hear all about these opportunities. If you would like us to help you please email  for further information or to make an appointment with a member of our team or call 0151 207 6003  to speak to them directly. 





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