What is School Based ?

Our schools team do a pretty amazing job of forming great relationships with Primary and Secondary schools in the local area (and we’re not being biased!). We work closely with the schools to help their young people realise their potential and tackle the issues that are effecting themselves and the local communities they live-in.

We deliver our School Based programme through delivering school assemblies, working with targeted groups of young people on specific issues or challenges or working on a one-to-one basis with a young person.

Our team will create bespoke support programmes depending on the needs of the school or individuals involved, to really help make a difference to young people’s lives.

“Since the project, more young women are now engaging with P.E, bringing in their kits and participating which is something they didn’t do before!” Allsop High School

Our work with schools focuses on education, relationships and character building and whilst formal qualifications are incorporated into our support, informal education through personal development has equal importance. In the past year alone, we delivered over 300 mentoring sessions in local schools and on average, our schools team received 4 or 5 star endorsements for every session delivered.

Get in Touch 

If you would like us to discuss what we could do in your School please contact us by email info@positivefutures.org.uk or call 0151 207 6003. 




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