“Our vision is to see all young people realise their potential, regardless of circumstance” Clare Corran, CEO

Positive Futures means different things to different people, but at our core, we are a charitable youth organisation based in Liverpool who works with young people to give them access to support, guidance and opportunities.


Positive History

We aren’t new kids on the block, in fact we have been going now for over 10 years and we are proud of our achievements. From giving young people access to some pretty awesome opportunities through our Comic Relief funded Building Futures and National Citizen Service programmes, to helping on a one-to-one basis to overcome personal issues and challenges.

We pride ourselves on being friendly, trustworthy and slightly mad – in fact, Positive Futures was once described as being “as mad as a box of frogs” in a Government report which we are particularly proud of! But most of all, we are passionate about the young people we support, passionate about our work and passionate about our local community.

As a youth organisation, Positive Futures is constantly evolving and adapting to suit the needs of the young people who we support. We are there 24/7, 7 days a week (okay we do take a break to sleep but you get the gist). In the last year alone we have engaged with over 2,717 young people and spent almost 24,000 hours working with them – impressive? We think so!


Positive Futures

We have some really exciting plans for the coming year, we can’t tell you everything but watch this space for more news. The fact that our team is growing we just can’t hide, and neither can we disguise our delight that we are able to support more young people with our increasing scope of skills. We are already expanding our delivery, and have recently road tested a set of new wheels to access more areas of Liverpool.

We would love to move to a new home but in the meantime we are making the most of the amazing venues around us and tidying-up the space we have. It is our ambition in the future to find a new home but in the meantime we look forward to providing the space where young people can come and access support from our amazing team, attend one of our many weekly activities or just call in for a brew and biscuit.

If you would like to receive regular updates of activities, our Positive Newsletter will be coming soon. 




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