Julia has been working for over 21 years within the North West of England supporting children and young people to exceed their potential in both the education and residential provision. Julia joins us most recently from Warrington BC where she managed an “outstanding” local authority children’s home. Julia believes that a commitment to constant self-improvement is key to delivering positive outcomes for all children.

In addition to her Psychology Degree, Julia is trained in systemic practice which emphasises children’s relationships as key to understanding their experiences. Julia is passionate that all children living within the Positive Futures Homes receive the very best care, provided by an amazing staff team so that they have a place that they are proud to call home. Julia believes that, “all children have the right to a good, safe, stable, loving home regardless of who they are what they have done, or where they have come from.

Children are placed in care through no fault of their own, they did not ask to be mistreated. They deserve to be safe and loved.

If you would like to get in touch with Julie or would like further information about the work of Positive Homes please email info@pfhomes.org.uk or call our office 0151 207 6003.