National Citizen Service


How can I get involved with NCS?

The National Citizen Service programme runs twice a year, in the summer and autumn, giving young people aged 15-17 a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get involved, try new things and meet new people.

Say yes to NCS and sign up on the website here. Why not take your mate, some things in life are better experienced together. 

Opportunities like NCS don’t come around often. You get to live away from home, make a difference in your local community and do some amazing things. Here are just some of the reasons why young people say yes to NCS:


– Develop leadership skills


– Meet amazing people


– Work with local businesses


– Boost your CV and UCAS application


– Follow your passion


– Give back to the community


Your NCS Journey?


Week 1  – Adventure Away Residential

Living away from home, you’ll have five-day, four-night adventure with fun outdoor activities.


Week 2 – Discovery University Residential


A further five days, and four nights in a uni-style environment where you will develop life skills like confidence, commuinication and leadership.


Week 3 – Social Action Planning

We always love these two weeks as our young people come up with some incredible plans to give back to the community we live-in!

Week 4 – Social Action Delivery

Then comes the delivery element which is a week of doing good for your local community, or a charity by showing just how much you’ve learnt and how awesome you really are!

(please note: the Wave two Programme runs over three Weeks, combining week 3 & 4 )



Your team will have a lot to celebrate, so here is your chance to dress up and get together with everyone involved for a huge grauation party! A chance to share with everyone, friends, family and other invited guests what you have achieved in the past few weeks.

Said Yes to NCS ? Feel Unstoppable.

Congratulations!! While everyone gets something different from their NCS experience, the one thing we’ve heard time and time again from young people is that NCS was a massive confidence boost….helping them smash their way through the obstacles of life. In other words – you feel unstoppable after NCS …and you are about to feel unstoppable too.

We are really looking forward to meeting you on our NCS programme but  if you have any questions you can contact me in the following ways:

– Call me at the office 0151 207 6003
– Call me directly on my mobile 07701 294638
– Or you can email me

I have attached a copy of all the forms that are given to you at our meetings, should you just happen to need a spare (for whatever reason!!) you can download them here:

NCS Four Week Programme information

NCS checklist

Table of dates

Membership Consent Form NCS

See you in the summer.

Mimi Schumann
NCS Co-ordinator, Positive Futures



Table of dates