As the newest recruit to join the dedicated Positive Futures team, we chatted with Tom about his new role as Youth Development Worker, to find out about his background and why he is so passionate that young people are given a chance to build their own positive future:

Tom, what is your background?

My first job seems a million miles away from what I am doing now, but I managed to escape the world of finance to become a Youth Development Worker. I just didn’t have much enthusiasm for giving financial advice, and I wanted to change the focus of my job to work for the good of the community rather than profit making organisations. I would advise anyone to follow their ambitions.


The journey to my current role began with my involvement with the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme from participant to Leader and Assessor working with young people aged from 14 years old. I then trained as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practitioner, and discovered that the best place to support and engage a young person was on top of hill or around a camp fire. Taking therapy out the clinical setting and delivering engaging support.


What is your favourite things about your current role at Positive Futures?

Getting stuck in and meeting the young people has to be the best bit of the job.

Here at Positive Futures I have already met such a diverse range of people. We work with so many different organisations, and I am really looking forward to strengthening the links and creating joint opportunities to benefit the young people in the area. Positive Futures really can change lives; building the confidence in young people to believe in themselves.


I have a love of travel and world cultures, and I am keen to share my experience of the world with young people to inspire them and build their curiosity and global awareness. I thrive on the idea of a challenge, and I am so proud to be part of the team. From day one the staff working at Positive Futures have welcomed me in.


How can young people get involved with Positive Futures?

To find out more about how Positive Futures can support young people send an email to or call 0151 207 6003.

We are currently recruiting for Detached Sessional Youth Development Workers if you would like to work alongside Tom,  click here for further information. Or if you would like to join our Volunteer group click here.


Grab any opportunity, run with it and believe in yourself.




I value working with colleagues in a culture that fosters inclusion, professional development and trust.

My experience of working in Schools, Youth Work and Children’s Services for many years has afforded me with the knowledge and ability to successfully work within this specific field and the wider professional environment.   

I have inspired others with commitment, enthusiasm and confidence, I am courageous with relentless energy and passionate in pursuit of the vision.

Having the ability to gain trust has enabled me to motivate young people into making the right choices, mentoring young people onto appropriate support and transition in schools, employment and semi-independent housing.

I have provided high quality levels of pastoral support to young people, giving advice and guidance to them therefore enhancing their personal development, I have reached out and extended this support to the families also.   

This role is very specific to my skills and abilities, recognizing that communication is key to working with families, discussing all options and strategies with parents getting them on board  to decide what will work best for the young people.   

Representing the organisation in a positive light, ensuring confidentiality of information, I am committed to the ethos of my employer I am also adaptable with a professional approach.