Paul spent 6 years as The Group Human Resources Director for The Football Association and Wembley Stadium, where he worked closely with the Board, Chairman and Chief Executives to build leadership teams, handling every senior executive and non-executive appointment.

Prior to this, Paul spent 13 years in consumer facing international businesses, including a position on the Board of a FTSE 250 business with a specific responsibility for acquiring and developing leadership talent.

Paul leads our sports practice and conducts all of our Board level searches and Chief Executive and Managing Director mandates.

I value working with colleagues in a culture that fosters inclusion, professional development and trust.

My experience of working in Schools, Youth Work and Children’s Services for many years has afforded me with the knowledge and ability to successfully work within this specific field and the wider professional environment.   

I have inspired others with commitment, enthusiasm and confidence, I am courageous with relentless energy and passionate in pursuit of the vision.

Having the ability to gain trust has enabled me to motivate young people into making the right choices, mentoring young people onto appropriate support and transition in schools, employment and semi-independent housing.

I have provided high quality levels of pastoral support to young people, giving advice and guidance to them therefore enhancing their personal development, I have reached out and extended this support to the families also.   

This role is very specific to my skills and abilities, recognizing that communication is key to working with families, discussing all options and strategies with parents getting them on board  to decide what will work best for the young people.   

Representing the organisation in a positive light, ensuring confidentiality of information, I am committed to the ethos of my employer I am also adaptable with a professional approach.