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A range of free weekly activities for young people
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Weekly Youth activities in Liverpool 

From card games to drama, cookery sessions to football, our range of weekly youth activities in Liverpool take place throughout the year. Our activities are free to get involved in! However, some sessions and activities need to be signed-up to in advance. We encourage you to check the individual activity for more details. But rest assured, no matter what activity you are interested in, you will be sure of a warm welcome.

What do our Open Access Sessions aim to do?

They give young people the chance to:

  • Try new things and develop new skills
  • Meet new people
  • Have something fun to do

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“The session was very informative, engaging, facilitator was great very knowledgeable. I learnt a lot”

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Covid-19 updates

Covid is still around so our advice to young people is that we all still need to take care. If you have symptoms please take a test, and if positive please do not attend any sessions until you are better. We ask everyone to continue to pay attention to hygiene as this is an important factor in reducing the health & safety risk of Covid-19 and other illnesses. We ask everyone to use hand sanitiser when entering the building to further reduce the risk. 
We follow guidance from NYA here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join in?

Yes, our sessions are super friendly and open to anyone (subject to eligibility). However, some activities are closed sessions. This means you need to contact our team to express your interest. 

How old do I need to be?

A lot of our sessions are broken down by age group. This gives young people the opportunity to meet and spent time with others around their same age. You will find more information regarding activity age groups under each individial activity.

Are they free?

Yes, all of our weekly sessions are free. We are able to do our work through funding from various sources but we are always very grateful of any donations.

Please keep in mind that we do have some one-off activities that incur some costs. However, these are typically activities like residential’s. Our organisation ensures to keep any costs as low as possible. Please contact us if you are concerned about the additional costs of an activity. We are here to advise and support families as well as young people.

Where are these sessions held?

Our Open Access Sessions take place mainly in our dedicated youth space which is located on Tetlow Way in Liverpool. It’s bright and beautiful with a large open plan space. The facility is also multi-purpose and includes a kitchenette and breakout rooms. We have furnished it with lots of comfy furniture so our young people have lots of places to relax and chat. You can also follow us on social media to see updates on the fun activities we have running every week!

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