Over the past few months, Positive Futures’ young people have achieved a range of climbing qualifications.

Between September and October 2019, six young people who work with Positive Futures, a young charity based in north Liverpool, have been working hard to gain a bouldering qualification by attending a course at the Climbing Hangar in Kirkdale. The NIBAS qualification required young people to keep a log book that tracked the likes of safety, warm-ups and cool downs, as well as climbing with confidence. To pass their qualification, they had to complete 20 instructor set climbs correctly. Between them, the young people completed 72 hours on the wall. Oz, one of the Instructors at the Climbing Hangar was so impressed by what the young people achieved, he has even invited them back.

To date, five of the six young people who attended have achieved their Level 1 NIBAS award, and the other young person only needs to complete one more climb to achieve their award.

But that’s not all! A further four young people took part in a six-week qualification at Awesome Walls in Kirkdale. To gain this NICAS qualification, the participants had to track their safety, warm-ups, cool downs and climbing with confidence, as well as completing both instructor and peer set climbs correctly. In total, the young people spent 48 hours on the wall.


Three of the attendees from this group have achieved their level one NICAS award, and one student, who was incredibly committed, received their level 2 NICAS award and seems destined to go further in the sport with the correct support, which Positive Futures hopes to provide him with.

The youth charity has plans to run more of the same courses in the coming months, giving young people opportunities to new challenges and new experiences. To get register your interest, contact Positive Futures.

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