What is School Based ?

Our schools team do a great job forming relationships with Primary and Secondary schools in the local area. We work closely with the schools to help young people realise their potential and tackle the issues that are effecting themselves and the local communities they live-in.

We deliver our School Based programme through school assemblies, working with targeted groups on specific issues  or working on a one-to-one basis with a young person. Our team create bespoke support programmes depending on the needs of the school or individuals involved, to  help make a difference.

Our work with schools focuses on education, relationships and character building and whilst formal qualifications are incorporated into our support, informal education through personal development has equal importance. In the past year alone, we delivered over 300 mentoring sessions in local schools.

Here is a flavour of the School Based programmes we are currently delivering:

Four Oaks Community Primary, L5 1XP 

Multi Sports After School Programme

Every Monday 3.15pm – 4.15pm

Pinehurst Community Primary, L4 7UF


St Margarets CE Primary School, L6 4BX

Drama therapy with a SEN focus. 

Notre Dame Catholic College, L4 4EZ

Personal Development Programme

Every Friday 1.00pm – 2.30pm

Savio Salesian College, L30 2NA

Hate crime awareness programme with a focus on guns, knives and gangs

West Derby High School 

Emotional therapy through coached boxing sessions by Tuebrook ABC

Get in Touch

If you would like us to discuss how we could support your school please contact us by email info@positivefutures.org.uk or call 0151 207 6003.