Supporting young people in their youth space
Supporting young people

What Is Detached Youth Work?

Every week, our team hit the pavements of North Liverpool to meet and support young people. We understand it’s important to be in a setting where they are comfortable. This is delivered via our Detached Youth Work Service.

It could be that the young people they encounter need some signposting. Alternatively, they could also benefit from more formal support from the team at Positive Futures. Regardless of background, what football team they support or personal circumstances, our team of Youth Development Workers are ready to help.

Our Detached Youth Work covers several wards surrounding our head office on Tetlow Way. Quite often, the young people we meet then go on to access one (or more) of our services. That may be our Targeted Support or Weekly Sessions.

Last year alone, the team spent 2,611 hours on detached youth work, out on the streets, where young people are.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you know it is safe for your staff?

    Our staff go out on detached sessions in pairs. They always notify colleagues of the time and route that they will be taking. Quite often, we are able to map their route using GPS. We ensure our staff are well trained and aware of any pre-existing issues before they go out on detached. We take all necessary steps to protect our staff. 

    What happens if young people want help?

    We quite often meet young people who want or need some help. This may be to do with health, physical and mental issues. We have established good working relationships with several local partners. Often times, sign-posting notifies young people where to access the support they need. However, we are always on hand to help on a more formal basis. In these cases, we make arrangements for young people to come to our youth space for further support. 

    How do you measure this service?

    We measure the success of this service in many ways. This includes the number of young people we have met and where neccessary, supported. We also measure the number the sessions carried out per year, the distance walked and time spent. Time is precious and sometimes, all a young person needs is someone’s time – so this is one of the most important measures to us.

    The other (formal) way that we measure the success of this intervention is by how many referrals we get via it. Each year we see a demand for our services from young people who we meet on the streets. It could be to do with anti-social behvaiour, confidence building, mental health issues or health issues. When a young person refers themselves to our services, we do everything we can to support them, working with partners where appriopriate. 


    To find out more about our Detached Work Service, contact us and a member of the team will be back in touch soon. Follow us on social to see our most recent updates and weekly activities! 


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